Forced to have her clitoris removed

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If you're worried about FGM, print out this statement, take it abroad with you and show it to your family. She started by removing scar tissue and refashioning the labia to expose what was left of the clitoris. Against the argument that women willingly choose FGM for their daughters, UNICEF calls the practice a "self-enforcing social convention" to which families feel they must conform to avoid uncut daughters facing social exclusion. So, rather than concentrating on government pressure to achieve a successful prosecution with unnecessary law, we could instead divert scarce resources to continuing prevention — such as education, provision of specialist health clinics and community support services. Violence against women Abuse during childbirth Domestic violence Intimate partner violence Misogyny Sexual harassment Sexual assault Rape Femicide Gender discrimination.

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I did not know what they had cut off from my body, and I did not try to find out.

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Female “Circumcision”

Is it patronizing to insist that brown and black women be jailed for FGC while white women in the West can get vaginoplasty, or cosmetic surgery for the vulva? For much of this time, those campaigns have been led by Western organizations, particularly Western feminists. Two children carry tree branches for the circumcision ritual. Egypt bans infibulation in state-run hospitals; allows partial clitoridectomy if parents request it. Tostan, a non-governmental organization in Senegal, has done just that.

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forced to have her clitoris removed
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forced to have her clitoris removed
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