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The news of these latest lawsuits broke on Friday, when attorney Lisa Bloom posted an official statement on her Twitter account. Bless his heart…are those leather pants capris? It was a mess. His performance was weak. Also in the legal document, Usher said he initially learned he had herpes around So why is this case any more frivolous than any of the other thousands of frivolous lawsuits that are filed every year? I nearly peed my panties!!!

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It was all very confusing because of his public persona of being a "ladies man.

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Usher Comes Out During NBA All Star Game

Daily Buzz Receive daily updates. Now, a former employee that worked at a restaurant owned in Atlanta is claiming he "is not surprised" by the lawsuit being brought by a man. I just had to see what Frank and Wanda was talking bout this morning. In the private room he [would] slide into booth and just chill with Usher for as long as he pleased. Leather spanx and fake abs do not go hand in hand….

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is usher raymond bisexual or gay
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is usher raymond bisexual or gay
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