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More than 2 million copies of Annabelle's Wish, produced by Ralph Edwards Film, were shipped to retailers infor example. Of course, these are all bestsellers; many titles will achieve sales levels that are a fraction of these numbers. The number of households with broadband is increasing quickly, and more access will enable increased sophistication and variety in online animation and may create an environment where Internet animation can attract revenues. Online exposure can generate immediate feedback, allowing the creator to alter the property so it becomes more marketable for mainstream media. Return to the Sea, a 5.

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Given the complicated negotiations and deal structures required to get an animated property made and distributed in the s, many proprietary properties have more than one owner.

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Meanwhile, the cost of production for an original video is usually much less than for a theatrically released feature, which means profits are often higher for a direct-to-video sequel than a theatrical one, at least in the children's market. An example of the latter is The Kellys, an auto racing--themed series developed by SportsBlast and acquired by nascar. The success of the property in this venue led to its being developed into a movie of the week. Yet home video's and DVD's importance asinitial distribution channels has grown, especially as a means of supporting existing franchises with new means of exposure. Not only do game developers have to spend to keep up with the new authoring tools the technologies used to create the game in order to stay current, but they must continue to support older technologies that are still being used by consumers. Neither Venom nor Carnage trigger Spidey's Spider-Sense, allowing them to pounce on the webslinger without warning. The classic property Gumby was reintroduced to modern audiences in as a spokescharacter for the ABC network's children's programming, during which the characters appeared in interstitials.

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