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Superbad Sex Scene - Michael Cera And Martha MacIsaac's Hilarious Cast Table Read-Through

The fact that some of the actor's parents were there during the read-through and the filming of the sex scenes because both Michael and Christopher were under 18 that is a teenage nightmare scenario in itself - to the reactions of Emma Stone as she is utterly overwhelmed and covers her face with both hands in an attempt to deal with her embarrassment as Martha MacIsaac reads through some of her more risque lines. The relationship between us is totally fabricated for the movie. Just in case you have forgotten how could you? It's almost a rights-of-passage for any teenager that they watch the 'Superbad sex scene' from the classic was it really that long ago coming-of-age teen movie about High-school seniors Seth Jonah Hill and Evan Michael Cera who have high hopes for a graduation party before they go off to college. Select an account Sign in Sign Up. In the mids, executive producer Steven Spielberg began toying with the idea of a Bambi -esque dinosaur film.

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