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As much as I wanted the visuals there because it was like captivating, so you would watch it and find it interesting, it really was the underlying message that was the important thing. I think it shows a lot about the people who are questioning this and that because of a woman with a shaved head, rather than anything about the woman with a shaved head. Jo said, my best friend, says she feels so sexy with her shaven hair! Interesting that you have quite a spread of ethnicities and people from different backgrounds Charnah Ellesse: When did you decide to shave off your hair? One of the girls said how she actually felt sexually empowered by shaving her head.

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And then the Malaysian girl, I found her on Instagram, and I found the other girls that have a short interviews on Instagram as well.

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OMG She’s Bald – the power of a woman with a shaved head

Because black women did it for themselves. Because literally there is nothing else but you. I was supposed to have an east Asian girl but that fell through. All of you look very beautiful and very fashionable. The first girl is my best friend, she recently shaved her hair — the girl that has the leopard print spots. Yours I think was green in the video?

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bald and shaved women
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bald and shaved women
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