Independant domination graph theory

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I guess it should be "greater than or equal", right? An independent set in L G corresponds to a matching in Gand a dominating set in L G corresponds to an edge dominating set in G. Similarly smallest dominating sets can be either independent or non-independent. On the other hand, if the input graph is planar, the problem remains NP-hard, but a fixed-parameter algorithm is known. From set covering to dominating set. I believe in the last half sentencewikipedia article meant "smallest" by "minimum" right? Am I thinking unnecessarily too much?

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Furthermore, there is a simple algorithm that maps a dominating set to a set cover of the same size and vice versa.

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Whereas, smallest dominating set is less than smallest independent dominating set if smallest independent dominating set is greater than smallest non independent dominating set, in which case smallest dominating set is equals smallest non independent dominating set. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The approximability of set covering is also well understood: Thus, the smallest maximal independent set is greater or equal in size than the smallest independent dominating set. A k-tuple dominating set is a set of vertices such that each vertex in the graph has at least k neighbors in the set. The problem admits a polynomial-time approximation scheme PTAS for special cases such as unit disk graphs and planar graphs. In fact, I said just the opposite:

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independant domination graph theory
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independant domination graph theory
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