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As Miller says, "Sometimes women will paint underpants on the painting of my body. Even though it looked very uncomfortable, I was very relaxed and when she asked me if I needed a break, I said I was fine. What a difference it was from Plyalinda Beach. But now, after doing it 15, 20 times, it's a lot easier. I created a stage name for my model work, and I have kept it a secret from my family and most of my friends. That was fine with most teachers, but a few had made it obvious that they were not following the correct lesson.

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The interview ended and he said he would be calling in a week or so.

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What it's like to be a nude art model

And when the clothing comes off, we are all the same. I told them I was comfortable in my own skin and who I was. Another aspect of modeling would soon become apparent to me. All content copyrighted by Sarah von Bargen. Some teachers in college level classes have a specific routine in a figure drawing class. And since I trained all of my dancers by myself, I didn't think we could keep that feeling at clubs far away.

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