Paediatric gynaecology enlarged clitoris

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Serologic and cerebrospinal fluid testing confirms the diagnosis and establishes the therapy. In a sexually active patient, if a Pap smear is not indicated, the clinician will decide whether visualization of the external genitalia, vagina or cervix are indicated. The hymen also thickens as its central opening enlarges. Pathological clitoromegaly, most commonly due to congenital adrenal hyperplasia CAH or in-utero exposure to androgens should always be excluded. Treatment of the enlarged clitoris.

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A rectal examination may reveal a uterus, particularly during the newborn period, when it may be somewhat hypertrophied from the recent effects of maternal estrogen.

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Persistent unexplained congenital clitoromegaly in females born extremely prematurely

Treatment starts with environmental control of possible offending allergic agents, such as food or environmental allergens. Ulcerative lesions on vaginal mucosa. Get the most out of Medical News Today. Philadelphia, WB Saunders, By 18—24 months of age, the hymen becomes thin and translucent, with smooth edges. Koebner's phenomenon results in a striking linear distribution along sites that are traumatized by scratching. Newborn Infant The typical appearance of the newborn female genitalia is primarily due to the effects of maternal hormones acquired transplacentally.

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paediatric gynaecology enlarged clitoris
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paediatric gynaecology enlarged clitoris
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