Single sex schools no benefit for girls

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Professor Halpern, who has spent three decades researching the psychology of single-sex education, will present the keynote address at the Australian Psychological Society Congress in Melbourne on Wednesday. The effectiveness of single-sex education comes under scrutiny periodically and is discussed both in terms of preparing students for life after school and their academic performance. Brenda Despontin, president of the Girls School Association said there was no question that girls benefited from the absence of boys. Girls explore topics and opportunities which they would otherwise miss. It should come as no surprise, then, that teenage sex and unwanted teenage pregnancy are much more common at coed schools than at single-sex schools. They need to learn how to interact co-operatively and competitively and these are important things that are learned in school - school is the only place where certain kinds of interactions occur.

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But is that a true statement?

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Single-sex schools offer no advantages and feed stereotypes, psychologists told

While his study shows no overall advantages to the schools, it also shows no disadvantages. The Sydney Morning Herald. At the end of the year, they found that girls who had been randomly assigned to the all-girls classroom were more engaged in physics, and less likely to regard physics as a "boys' subject," compared to girls who had been randomly assigned to the coed classroom. And DI differentiated instruction is MUCH easier to implement in the all-girls classroom than in the coed classroom -- at least that's what teachers at hundreds of schools around the United States are telling us. On Wednesday, Professor Halpern will tell the Australian audience that there is no research to show that boys and girls learn differently in the classroom and we need to reconsider the impact of gender biases in single-sex education.

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single sex schools no benefit for girls
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single sex schools no benefit for girls
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