Indian fetish ceramic

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Jetshell primarily mother-of-pearland coral are also frequently used. Exactly how fetishes are used in the kiva is known only to those initiated into the different kiva societies. Zuni fetishes showing the heartline and the offering bundle. From the earliest times in North America, the Indians have used fetishes in an effort to master the arbitrary and unpredictable forces beyond their control. Visit Zuni Pueblo on the web at www. But historically the most-used stone has been serpentine, a local soft stone found abundantly in the Zuni Mountains and also in Arizona.

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Besides being made from various stones and other materials each material has unique propertiesthe contemporary fetish may carry an offering of a smaller animal or a prayer bundle of carved arrowheads with small beads of heishe.

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Zuni fetishes

Some receive special places on the family altar; others are kept in their fetish bowl when not in use. Sa-ni-a-kia is the awakening of the fetish and subsequently the power of the hunter Cushing, From what material is it carved? Any but the very delicate fetishes could be carried by the owner in a pocket, pouch or bag. Fetishes may be used in many ways, either by the individual or by the whole tribe: Older fetishes often appear soiled or dirty and should be left in their original condition to maintain their value. One of the possible explanations for this heartline is that it represents a time in Zuni mythology when animals totally dominated man.

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indian fetish ceramic
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indian fetish ceramic
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