Masturbation good for the prostate

I am a married male 63 years young. Just alot of words strung together with the occasional period. How are your teeth? He is obviously not the same person mentally either. Also, be sure and empty your prostate regularly to protect against prostate cancer. My Mother told me that it was wrong for men to masturbate. The other got the surgery too late and the cancer in the prostate spread to his bladder.

Ways to reduce your risk.

Frequent ejaculation may decrease prostate cancer risk

Maybe they can wear blue for us next September when Prostate Cancer Awareness Month comes back again. Every family has a secret remedy that's been passed down through generations. Jeez I have two good friends who have had horrible experiences with prostate cancer treatment! I hope I carry his genes. The most enlightening thing about this article is how upset it seems to make people in the comment thread.

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