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Within 3 to 4 years, hair fills the pubic area stage 4 and becomes much thicker and darker, and by 5 years extends to the near thighs and upwards on the abdomen toward the umbilicus stage 5. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The pubic hair can typically host up to a dozen on average. Lanugo Androgenic Terminal Vellus. Perhaps because hairless genitals allowed the camera to capture more graphic shots, perhaps because coated vulvas were associated with old, burly, s Deadhead feminist aunts, rather than sexy, kinky, American Pie, all-American girls, perhaps because the male lizard brain may associate hairless vaginas with fertility — no one can know for certain the cause. Some individuals may remove part or all of their pubic hair, axillary hair and facial hair. Before the onset of pubertythe genital area of both boys and girls has very fine vellus hair stage 1.

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Yet with the different types of pressure converging on the internet, women can feel cognitive dissonance between what they want and what they think they should want.

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Pubic hair has a job to do – stop shaving and leave it alone

How could it not be? Pubic hair of mature male and female humans. The porn industry will be sure to supply you with novelty so that you keep clicking, supplanting your mind with innovative new fetishes that you never imagined you would crave. No matter what expensive and complex weapons are used — razor blades, electric shavers, tweezers, waxing, depilatories, electrolysis — hair, like crab grass, always grows back and eventually wins. Some women modify their pubic hair—either to fit in with societal trends, or simply as an expression of their own style or lifestyle. Pubic hair removal is associated with an increased self-esteem and overall improved emotional health. Most people still remove the hair on their lips.

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