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Anyway, it turns out that "parting the red sea" or whatever the hell you want to call it can help alleviate the more uncomfortable symptoms of the menstrual cycle because, in the words of my source"the orgasmic contractions of the uterus offer a soothing internal massage. These toys give off low grade, non-harmful electrical vibrations. The only people more valuable than the old employees are the happy employees, since sad employees will destroy a company's chances for survival. Finger Blowjobs Before you ask: I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but everyone fucks weird. This is the time of year for horror movie recommendations In fact, it'll be pleasurable for the both of you.

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The implications are obvious:

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Using lube will further help your cause. No, don't do that. Not to mention, that leftover ice cream will make an ideal post-shag snack. I'm not doing this for my co-workers. He's just the guy who hangs out behind the 7-Eleven near my house and sells me experimental bear tranquilizers. Getting some fellatio while you're out on the open road should definitely be on your sex bucket list.

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