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I was pretty mortified when I was at school, and it wasn't great getting the look of death from every teacher but eventually it died down. Why did he lie to me? After he hung up, my mind started racing. I eventually admitted defeat and let my mind take me away. I made a webcam video of my girl and I having sex both 16 at the time which she was okay with at the time. So once the rip sounded off everybody broke their workout positions and got a good look at what I was packing. There were four or five of us, all sitting on a couch in a dim room.

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Everyone had a good laugh about it and he eventually said 'Please.

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I finally make it to the the other end and stop by my friend's locker before the next class. Never will I be able to unlearn the things I have learned about the human condition from these events. That afternoon, I received a call on my home phone around 4: I sat there for a few minutes, confused and upset. I rode in the backseat and pictured my death while he drunkenly drove 90 mph down country roads. Why did he lie to me?

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