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Where did you get them? Yet I shall recommend this movie to all film lovers. What kind of interpretation? The character of the old woman teaches her student nothing and just stifles her from playing anything modern. I think my main problem with the film is the editing. It has a clarity and articulation that is different than other interpretations not better or worse. Near the end of the movie, all the smaller characters are pretty much out of the picture and it's all about the two protagonists which I liked, even if the late Sven Pippig plays an interesting character who is actually a nice person, but gets drawn a bit towards the dark side due to the back lash he keeps experiencing in his job and even on national television.

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She lost to Bleibtreu, but won in the supporting category for another movie.

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I mean, Traude is supposed to be a woman who is devoted to music and who wants to help female inmates of a prison to learn piano. Die Predigt hat g'fallen. And the music drove me crazy. Shakespeare Kemble Conservatoire Walnut Satin. Some of this authority comes from a visual style and attitude. The director's opening sequence, with skillful use of silence and a relatively slow pace, immediately caught my attention.

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german mature strict piano teacher
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german mature strict piano teacher
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