Cat anal irritation

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I have a kitten male neutered who has been farting and smelling terrible and then I noticed he was licking a lot. My cat is an inside cat but he uses the restroom outside the house then comes back home later. It may be that the area is just a little sore and would improve with regular bathing with a dilute antiseptic after defecating and applying a small amount of Neosporin to the area; you should have Punky on an anthelmintic like Drontal Plus which is effective for the important internal parasites affecting cats and fipronil or similar for external parasites. Has Symptoms Licking at Genitals. Add a comment to Petey's experience. It just seems to be an issue with bowel movements.

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If your cat has whipworms, for example, treat those worms specifically, and only long enough to clear the infection.

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Inflammation of the Rectum and Anus in Cats

Ive also noticed her skin is getting dry and flakey and her fur is getting matted more and more. Add a comment to Remi's experience. It has also been very inactive due to this. Click Here and be the first to comment on this article. But now a year later i noticed for the past few days she seemed a bit agitated, was licking her butt more and pooping a bit at a time but more frequently than usual.

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cat anal irritation
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cat anal irritation
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