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When they see you walking around naked, they might look away or even roll their eyes at what you are doing. Do not get upset by such questions as you may send the message that it is wrong to talk about it. By age 2, for instance, most toddlers will know their own genders and develop a sense of curiosity. Be upfront and educate them. If parental nudity is of a non-sexualised nature, experts say there is nothing to worry about as there is no negative impact on a young child. So how old is too old, and when should parents start covering up in front of their kids?

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H L Lim, a lawyer, shares a bath with his son but lets his wife bathe their daughter after she turned 3.

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When should your kids stop seeing you naked?

In most families, the boundaries arise naturally without prior planning. Do not get upset by such questions as you may send the message that it is wrong to talk about it. By age three, they can identify with adults of the same gender and at the age of 6 or 7, they become aware of gender identity. In fact, very young children will not think anything is wrong when they see adults in their birthday suits, nor will they have any lasting impressions of it. That said, kids will grow up and there will come a time when they become shy about seeing their folks in the buff. You may find that, unlike before, they now refuse to bathe with their younger siblings, start to lock the bathroom door when they are inside or close their room door to get dressed. Experts have advice on when is the right age for children to stop seeing their parents change or shower.

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